Body Pockets
Bag the Bag, Ditch your Purse!
Q: How long can I wear the pocket for?
A: We recommend removing the pocket after 24 hours.

Q: Is the adhesive safe for my skin?
A: Yes, it is a medical grade, hypoallergenic adhesive

Q: Will the pocket leave a mark?
A: A red mark after removal is common and should disappear after a few hours. If you are going to use the pocket outdoors on exposed skin, be sure to use plenty of sun screen around the pocket so that you do not end up with a white square surrounded by tan skin!

Q: Will my cards and money fall out of the pocket?
A: Only if you are wearing it upside down or jumping around on your hands while doing a hand stand... but maybe not even then! They are pretty tight. (Demonstration videos to come!)  
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